Rates to popular destinations are listed below. These rates are subject to change without notice and apply to daylight hours. Additional charges may apply for groups larger than 6 people or for large freight.  Maximum capacity is 12 passengers.  Beach Landings and bow door drops are an extra $35.  Please phone, text, or email us if you require a quote for a destination not listed below, for pricing on after-dark service, or for pricing for larger groups.  Rates include 5% GST. 

Gibsons to:

Keats Landing $77.00
Eastbourne $125.00
Pasley Group $140.00
New Brighton $145.00
Gambier Harbour $145.00
Mount Gardner $150.00
Tunstall Bay $155.00
West Bay $170.00
Centre Bay $185.00
Long Bay $220.00
Halkett Bay $245.00
Fircom $245.00
Brigade Bay $275.00
Horseshoe Bay $280.00
McNab $280.00
Douglas Bay $305.00
Coal Harbour $560.00
 Nanaimo  $600.00

Langdale to:

Keats Landing $125.00
New Brighton $150.00
Gambier Harbour $150.00
Eastbourne $155.00
Horseshoe Bay $290.00

Bowen Bay* to:

Pasley group $150.00

Horseshoe Bay to:

Eastbourne $280.00
Keats Landing $280.00
Halkett Bay $280.00
Fircom $280.00
Gambier Harbour $290.00
New Brighton $290.00
West Bay $290.00
Centre Bay $300.00
Long Bay $300.00
Pasley Group $320.00
McNab Creek $475.00

Standby is $120/hr.

* Service from Bowen Bay is exclusive to residents of Pasley Island